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Emilio & Rosario's Story

Enjoy the Taste of Northern Italy

Intimate and designed to provide a rustic Italian experience, La Violetta is owned and operated by Emilio and Rosaria, who are originally from Parma, Italy.

La Violetta sets the pace for casual, country kitchen Italian dining in an intimate atmosphere. La Violetta has the ability to seat over 50 guests comfortably which is perfect for a casual night or for celebrating a special occasion.

La Violetta Rustic Italian Emilio

Chef Emilio

La Violetta Rustic Italian Emilio and Rosaria on MOPED

Many of our friends and customers love to practice “fare la scarpetta,” which is an Italian expression meaning to bend your bread into a little shoe and using it to mop up the last of the sauce in a dish. This implies that everything on the menu is good to the last drop.

We invite you to join us so you can experience delicious, authentic northern Italian food, here in Sarasota.

Emilio & Rosaria

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